New age digital technologies are designed based on us as humans however it is us the variable that is expected to willingly adapt in order to accept and use them in our day to day life. The scariest thought about digital technologies is that by the time we have learnt and incorporated it into our lives with some sort of dependancy on it, is that it is then out of date with being ever updated 24/7. Who runs the world; Apple inc. We act like we are in control however it is companies like apple that knows with out their knowledge we would be nothing. Disconnected. abandoned in the ‘wild’. We have a constant need to know everything. Digital technologies such as the ipad and i phone allow us to communicate to the other side of the world. Sat Nav will direct us to our destination point in the touch of a button. Self service checkout cut out the middle man and give us a sense of control when spending our pennies. Ever looking for that one thing the makes our daily routine that little bit easier. Projectors and cinemas feed our growing need to escape reality and bombard ourselves with the gossip of other peoples lives that we find ourselves obsessed with. Facebook continues to breed us into a growing nation of stalkers.  All of this would not be possible if it wasn’t for the emperors of digital technologies that are Apple Samsung Nokia HTC Motorola Sony etc. The digital tech evolution time line as it stands Message in a bottle - FaceTime. An extreme lack of substance replaced with a ‘Cloud’ of information codes. 

We are A generation of ambitious futuristic inventors that can swim out of water - we do not fear new technologies - instead embrace them with a sense of excitement and life fulfilment.

We strive to be the best. Creating strap lines to ever motivate us. Brands that influence our life style in order to be on trend. constantly Image conscious. 
Previous generations are swallowed by technologies and insist on doing things the old fashion way however we allow and rely on equipment to keep us alive and in the right place at the right time with people we over connect ourselves with to feel incorporated. 

Have we over indulged in life just to appear accomplished to others or do we actually take in the breathe taking views and inventions that are behind the camera phone instagramed pictures. 

Birthday girl

Birthday girl

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Another mans trash 

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